Nagoya educational center, Toyota, Inc.

Chubu Nippon driver school

1737, Yagoto-Fujimi, Showa-ku, Nagoya-city, 466-0812 Tel:052-832-3903

"How to get from public transport."

・On foot about 8 minutes from Yagoto Nisseki Station, Subway Meijo Line.

・On foot about 12 minutes from Yagoto Station, Subway Tsurumai line

・On foot about 4 minutes from Yamate Douri yon,
Bus stop, City bus

Shuttle Bus Routes
Shuttle Bus Routes classified by Area

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For Nagoya Station Area

・JR Line, Higashiyama Line,
Sakuradori Line,Meitetsu Line
and Kintetsu Line

Nagoya Station
For Chikusa Area

・Higashiyama Line
Kakuozan Station,
Ikeshita Station and
Imaike Station
・JR Line and Higashiyama Line

Chikusa Station
For Kanayama Area

・Meijo Line and Tsurumai Line
Yagoto Station
・Tsurumai Line
Irinaka Station,
Kawana Station and
Arahata Station
・Tsurumai Line and
Sakuradori Line
Gokiso Station
・Meijo Line
Higashi Betsuin Station
・JR Line, Meijo Line,
and Meitetsu Line
Kanayama Station

For Hibino and Temmacho
For Chayagasaka and
Motoyama Are

・Higashiyama Line
and Meijo Line
Motoyama Station
・Meijo Line
Yagoto Nisseki Station,
Nagoya Daigaku Station
and Jiyugaoka Station

For Akaike and Hirabari
For Nisseki,Nagoya Univ.
and Nanzan Univ. Area
For Tsurumai Area

・Tsurumai Line
Irinaka Station and
Kawana Station
・JR Line and Tsurumai Line
Tsurumai Station

For Nagoya City Univ.

・Meijo Line and Tsurumai Line
Yagoto Station
・Sakuradori Line
Sakurayama Station and
Mizuho Kuyakusho Station

For Horita and
Aratama-bashi Area
One Area

・Meijo Line and Tsurumai Line
Yagoto Station
・Tsurumai Line
Hara Station