Tuition Fee includes the following:

Classroom lessons

Practical lessons

Textbooks and other materials

Practical driving tests

Additional training in case of failing the practical driving tests

Free for applying temporary license.

Free for issuing temporary license.

※Following fees are NOT included in the tuition
 Fee for retaking temparary written test ¥1,700/1time
 Fee for applying permanent license ¥1,800
 Fee for retaking permanent written test ¥1,800/1time
 Fee for issuing permanent license ¥2,050

Customized schedule

We will create a customized schedule for you.

Full support at the Hirabari Test Site

You will be driven to the Hirabari test site and

assisted throughout the process.

When registering, please bring the following:


Your passport.

Your Residence Card.
  A "Juumin hyou" (Ask for this at your local ward office).

Eyeglasses or contact lenses (if worn).